Pilates Group Classes – Reformer Plus


  • Beginner Pilates
    Learn the essentials of The Method Pilates: Technique and proper execution of the Pilates exercise repertoire.  Connect with Core of the body and bio mechanics of each joint and muscles movement. Breathing, precision, control, mind body focus…The Essential/Beginning Level exercises are taught to full proficiency before moving to Intermediate Level.  Level progression must be approved by Certified Pilates Instructor.
  • Intermediate Pilates
    This Class Offers fast-paced/heart pumping Pilates Exercises from the Intermediate Repertoire of Classical Pilates on all equipment.  Props will also be added for more intensity: (TRX, Therabands, Weights, Magic Circle, Bosu Ball, Rotating Disc, Pilates Ball)  Please consult physican before starting any Cardio/Pilates exercise program.  You must be at Intermediate level of Pilates.  Please discuss with your Pilates teacher if you are at Beginning level and want to move into an Intermediate class.
  • Advanced Pilates
    The Pilates Method requires completion of exercises in systematic order to achieve symmetry of the body , balance, grace fluidity, and full utilization of the muscles when moving bio mechanically in executing each movement.  Before moving to the Advanced Level, the above must be obtained and no corrections doing the advanced level. The exercises move to more acrobatic movements which requires flexibility and a very strong core.  Approval by a Certified Pilates Instructors to move to Advanced Level of The Pilates Exercise Repertoire
  • Multi-Level Pilates
    This Class mixes all levels of Pilates in one. Clients need to have minimum 10 Privates Classes to join class. The client should be aware of Mind Body connection of muscles and movement. Client will work on All Apparatus. Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chair, Tower, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector.