What is Pilates?

whatispilates2Pilates is a body-mind exercise developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s specializing in improving posture, aligning the spine and stabilizing the core. His goal was to balance overdeveloped/under-developed muscles by improving strength, flexibility and focus in each movement. He developed unique equipment to accommodate the many ranges of motion essential to optimum human performance. The result is longer, leaner muscles, clarity of mind and a profound feeling of well-being.

Changes you can expect with Pilates Exercise:

· Toned, long and lean muscles
· Significant improvements in posture
· Increased flexibility and range of movement
· Functional strength
· Improvements in “core” strength (the abdominals, back, and buttocks)
· Sharpened mind-body focus
· A body in correct alignment, strong and injury resistant

Our group Reformer classes, which also utilize the Cadillac, Stability 
Chairs, Barrels and Barre, are kept to a maximum of 4 people and are put together by the Instructor according to level and experience. This way you still get the special PERSONAL attention you need to feel and see the results! We require the Intro Special of 1 Private if you do not have experience on all the apparatus.

Classes and Private sessions are scheduled Monday through Sunday based on client needs and instructor availability. Please contact us for scheduling.